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Unleash Your Light Transformational Program, soul consciousness, self awareness, meditation, contemplation, spiritual growth

Your 8 Week Transformation

Unleash Your Light!

It is your time to shine.

Dates will be announced soon!

limited spots available

yoga, yoga class, seated yoga pose, heart-opening yoga

The Program Promise:

  • a 'BLOW YOUR MIND' understanding:

    • why your light got dimmed in the first place​

    • how you 'work' as a human + spiritual being

    • where your blockages really come from


  • EMPOWERING TOOLS that will show you:​

    • how to get unblocked

    • how to find wholeness within yourself

    • how to access your own inner light

    • how to finally SHINE as your are meant to

"You changed

my life!"

What is the deepest kind of healing?

The most powerful healing happens when we profoundly reconnect to our own inner light.

This experience could be called 'universal healing', or 'spiritual healing'.

personal development, spiritual healing, spiritual transformation, Atman, consciousness

The Training consists of:

This training will likely be the deepest inner work that you have ever done. You will investigate your conditioned way of seeing the world, your relationships, and yourself. You will be given access to a whole new 'world view', and offered a refreshing way to understand yourself, and to reconnect with your pure essence. There are group sessions where we work together through some transformational concepts. You will also work independently, every day, to dive deeper and gain insight and new awareness. If you are ready for a BIG shift into tremendous inner freedom, then this training is for you.

Group Sessions

​Deep discussions, small group work, activities to assimilate powerful concepts.

  • transformative teachings

  • breathwork

  • meditation

  • self-inquiry

  • spiritual practices (singing bowls, yoga nidra)

Independent Work

An average time investment of 1.5 hours per day.  Detailed instruction provided.

  • reading 

  • journaling (prompts provided)

  • simple daily yoga practice (20-30 minutes with video provided)

  • daily breathwork & meditation

  • awareness training exercises

You will also have a weekly small group meeting.

yoga, savasana, singing bowls, sound healing, mindfulness, expanded consciousness

Important things to know

  • no yoga experience is necessary

  • no meditation experience is necessary

  • your personal dedication and willingness to do the work is necessary

  • attendance at all group sessions is expected unless prior arragements have been made

  • this program includes yoga postures, but the emphasis is on the non-physical/inner work

transformation, personal development, Soul Friends Yoga Center, spirituality

Transform the way you experience everything

  • shift your relationship to yourself

  • change the way you look at the world

  • find the 'missing piece' that you have been searching for

  • be empowered to live from a place of openness and freedom

Soul Friends Yoga Center, transformational program, spiritual awakening, spirituality


Price includes:

"It felt like food for my soul."

  • 75 hours independent study (detailed instruction and materials provided)

  • 30 hours in-person training with Susan

  • Unlimited yoga classes at Soul Friends Yoga Center throughout the program

  • One private session with Susan

  • 'Unleash Your Light' methodology to have and use forever

Non-member Price: $1,199
Member Price: $999

Hi, I'm Susan Meymand

I believe that we are human + spiritual beings. 


When we lose touch with our spiritual side, we feel lost, like something is missing. 

However, when we are in connection with our own spirit, we regain wholeness.  We feel complete.  

I offer transformation and healing to others by using what has brought healing to me: yoga, breathwork, meditation, energetic healing, shamanic practices, toltec practices, self-inquiry, intuition, counseling, inner child work, shadow work, and more.

Susan Meymand, Soul Friends Yoga Center, spirituality, yoga teacher
yoga workshop, personal growth, spiritual living, meditation, breathwork, self awareness

How do I sign up?

Check back soon for upcoming program dates.

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